Webiz is committed to actively invest in its employee’s professional growth. We believe that our people need to feel that they are developing themselves as part of their work. In Webiz academy we integrate educational courses, lectures from experts and mentoring programs.
Webiz Internship Program

Webiz invites you to take part in the Webiz Internship program where you can get the opportunity to study programming and gain REAL experience.

The program is aimed at technology graduates that want to start their career, Webiz will supply an entire internship learning program with a salary. After 6 months, the interns that finish the program will be given the opportunity to be integrated into the family as a Junior Front-End Developer or Junior Design Engineer.

The internship includes theoretical and practical training, guided by experienced mentors.

Come and take part in this great initiative!

Main Program components:

  • Real work experience
  • Task solving exercises
  • Teamwork procedures
  • Guidance and Mentoring by experienced team leaders
  • Skills development
  • Workshops and masterclasses from experts

Registration Steps:

  • Fill the application form
  • Pass the test
  • Pass the interview
  • Find yourself among the shortlisted candidates
Registration Form