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Webiz development center started as an adventure of two Israeli entrepreneurs, David and Eyal, looking to develop a line of eCommerce related start-ups. With help from Meni Benish, Honorary Consul of Georgia in Israel, they came across an opportunity to hire developers in Georgia and fell in love with the country, the culture and the quality of people.

While they were developing their own products, they caught the interest of other Israeli companies that were looking for an alternative developer outsourcing solution and that is how Webiz started. Webiz is a dynamic, creative and young company that understands how to seek opportunities and conquer them. Webiz supplies a loyal, high-quality service for distinct clients with our same values.

Webiz also created a partnership with Techub academy, influencing the education space in Georgia, working together to develop high-quality professionals and giving Webiz direct access to top of the line graduates. With the experience and well-established connections to “GITA” (Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency), the company is in constant growth and now hosts more than 100 developers in Tbilisi.


It all started from an experienced team of entrepreneurs looking for a development solution for their own products; and just like that Webiz was born. 

The company sales and managerial headquarters are in Tel-Aviv, lead by Israeli entrepreneurs and experienced business executives that choose Webiz developing center also for their own project development.



Work together for success

Group 2

Eyal Bar-Oz

Co-founder, CEO

A leading entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the e-commerce industry. Expert on affiliate marketing, SAAS platforms and B2B and B2C strategies. Deep knowledge in product planning and latest technologies for development. The founder and owner of Webiz.com and 365dropship.com; investor and mentor in numerous projects and startups.

Group 3

David Zerah


Early-stage investor, mentor and consultant to young and promising startups, who operate in the areas of Digital media, collaborative working, community, and Ecommerce. Monday.com, Interactech.com, Touch-cast.com, Junojourney.com and others.


Group 4

Meni Benish


Businessman and Honorary Consul of Georgia in Israel. 25 years of experience in business management of all levels: Sales and Marketing, Online Marketing and advertising, Strategy planning, and Branding. Co-founder of “Archi” Group & founder of Benish Group.


Mentions & Testimonials

"Webiz is the perfect partner for us. Together with our handpicked team, who are super professional and most importantly bring their own ideas to the table, we are building products that we are proud of and our customers love."
Gio Tushurashvili
Echolize CEO
"We are so glad to have found Webiz development center, we are working with a tailored made team of very qualified people, extremely motivated and efficient."
Nir Eliyahu
Newrow CTO
"I worked with a lot of outsourcing companies in the past, and by far, Webiz has been the best service, most effective and professional experience I had."
Martin Gordon
Wiv, VP Product
"We started to work with Webiz on a very tight schedule, we discovered true partner with a committed and loyal team, willing to give it their all in order to achieve our goals and generate success for us.
Dotan Tamir
clickto.camp, CEO

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